Well here are my tips on talking to girls and trust me you’ll be leaving this site with at least one tip down you sleeve.

1. Be Yourself. Who would’ve ever thought that being yourself would be number 1 on the list. Out of all the other tips being yourself is by far one of the best tips that you can use. Why would you want to act like someone you’re not? Be yourself, and let that girl know the real you. It’s not that hard, just try it once, and see how much it changes things.

2. Start simple. Start the conversation with small talk and work your way up to bigger things. You should always start your conversations trying to get this girls attention and work your way up to making them laugh.

3. Be honest. All relationships & friendships are built around trust, and if that relationship doesn’t have trust than that relationship is doomed. Being honest is not that hard, are you to ashamed to admit that you live in the basement of your mom’s house. Don’t be there’s hundreds of other things you can stress about.

4. Try not be nervous. Being nervous to some girls is a turn on, but to others is… you get the picture. Just think positive thoughts, don’t worry about what your hands are doing, don’t worry about what’s happening a hundred miles away just focus on this one girl and nothing else.

5. Don’t be to handsy. If this is your time, talking to this girl doesn’t be too aggressive with your hands. A few pats on the shoulder maybe a small friendly hug when you say goodbye, but don’t be touching all over her body.

6. Find out if she’s single. If you plan to try to go out with this girl know if there single first because some other guy isn’t going to like it if you’re talking to his girl. Would like it if you had a girlfriend, who you loved, and you suddenly saw her with some other guy?

7.  Make An Impression. If you’re ever going to win this girls heart you have to at least make them remember you. Give them something to remember you by, doing something that you think no other guy has done before, tell her something that no other guy has ever told her. Be creative, but don’t be too creative and say some cheesy pick up line that belongs in one of Shakespeare’s play.

Hope you learned to great tips! Happy mingling! Don’t forget to subscribe for more tips!


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