5 Things You Should Do Before You Die

1) Fall in love. Falling in love is a part of life, so you should at least try it once. When you die, do want people to remember you as that person who never opened their heart to anyone? Or do you want to be known as the loving person who warmed people hearts?

2) Sky dive. Sky diving gets your adrenaline going, and your heart pumping. Looking down at the world from so high-up makes, you feel like your bird looking over a city. Up in the air all your worries slowly disappear, and go to the back of your mind, because now all you can feel is the rushing wind across your face. But remember sky diving is even funnier with a group of friends.

3) Eat at an expensive restaurant. Everyone deserves to dine in class at least once in their lifetime; they should be able to eat dressed up in an elegant dress, and nice suit.

4) Go to the Olympics. What’s better than standing in a crowd full of loud people cheering their home country on? There’s no other feeling then feeling all that energy jammed into one place at one time, but it only happens once every four years, so don’t miss out.

5) Go to your favorite band/singer concert. Concerts are full of people who have the same music taste as you do. Concerts are lots of fun watching someone you look up to perform for you can sometimes be inspirational.


2 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Do Before You Die”

  1. Great list, but I have to take issue with the idea that a great dining experience requires a dress code. Of course, a list like this is really a personal thing, so your mileage may vary. Maybe it should be titled “5 things I’m glad I did before dying.”

    The best restaurant I’ve eaten at in my life (Double Musky, Girdwood, AK, USA – laisse bon temps rouler!) has no dress code, and you’ll feel right at home in jeans and a t-shirt as long as you can foot the bill – it is definitely expensive.

    Only once in my life have a eaten at a restaurant where everyone was in evening dress, and the food was overpriced and unimpressive. (It doesn’t take a lot of effort to serve sauteed vegetables, boiled new potatoes, and baked fish with a beurre blanc sauce.)

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