If We Were to Die

To A Special Someone,

If we were to die in just 15 days like Mayan calendar predicts. I would spend every second with her. I would tell her that I’m sorry for all the pain that we put each other through, but somehow we made it this far. I pushed myself so hard for you on some stupid dream that we’d be together. I spent all my days standing under the night sky wishing upon the bright, white stars, when you were all ready by my side.

If we were to die in just 15 days, I’d tell you that I miss you, that I miss you as a friend, miss all the laughs we shared the late nights that we spent up on the phone talking until we fell asleep. All those memories are burned deep into my mind because I’ll never forget the bond we shared, deeper than I ever had with anyone else.

If we were to die in just a few days, I would tell you everything, all the secrets that I never told you, all the dumb, pathetic lies I hid behind. You let me so close to you, but I pushed you so far away, and now all I want is for this brokenness to be fixed.

If we were to die, I’d loved to kiss you goodbye. Kiss those soft, pale lips for the first time, to break all the walls that I built up so high. I’d tell you I’m sorry for saying goodbye, and for us to spend just one more night.

But the thing is, I’m too late. Someone already came and took your heart away. I don’t blame you because I shouldn’t have made you wait so long for me to understand the feelings that burn from within.

But If we were to die, I’d tell you show you how much you mean to me. I’d let you know how long I’ve waited, let you know that you mean the world to me.

~That Teenager, Paris


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