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Things That Piss Me Off: Overly Loud People


Well I decided I was going to add a little bit more of humor to the site by adding a new segment called Things That Piss Me Off. Don’t worry this segment is going to be here for a while.

Have you ever been standing in the grocery store aisle looking for something at the different brand choices, maybe comparing prices, and then out of the corner of your eye you see them? That person wearing some old jacket that they had just thrown on and don’t’ even match they bright neon gym shorts that they decided to wear in the middle of winter. Somehow, you work past their appearance, because there’s another problem. He’s screaming into his phone.

You can hear his entire conversation he’s having with his wife, kids, mom, who knows, but you don’t want to hear it. This has been an increasing problem at Wal-Marts everywhere. If you ask me people like this shouldn’t even be allowed to buy phones until they understand that NO one want’s to hear their conversation.

Sad thing is not only is this happening at grocery stores this is happening at schools. Do you ever just be sitting in class minding your business? It’s nice and quiet because everyone is doing their work trying to concentrate. It’s so quiet you can hear the girl next to you pen drop. Then it’s always that one person, who has to ruin the silence. Just scream out, “Why is it so quiet!” “Why isn’t anyone talking?” “It’s to quite for me to concentrate!” How is it to quite for you to concentrate? Quiet is the only time you can concentrate!

Or have you had that friend who just can’t adjust their volume. It gets nerve wrecking because as you’re talking with your inside voice because your inside, and then they start talking  screaming in your ear. That’s not cute, funny, or whatever they think it is because I’m sitting right next to you. You could whisper and I could still hear you, but you still want to scream like we at the Georgia Dome cheering on the Falcons…11-1

If we don’t stop this problem now, overly loud people will take over the world, So next time you see someone screaming at the top of their lungs a few aisles over, go scream at them to use their inside voices.

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Well here are my tips on talking to girls and trust me you’ll be leaving this site with at least one tip down you sleeve.

1. Be Yourself. Who would’ve ever thought that being yourself would be number 1 on the list. Out of all the other tips being yourself is by far one of the best tips that you can use. Why would you want to act like someone you’re not? Be yourself, and let that girl know the real you. It’s not that hard, just try it once, and see how much it changes things.

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5 Worst Gifts to Get For Christmas

1) Snuggie  If you plan to get someone, the Snuggie for Christmas please reevaluate your gift. I mean the Snuggie is a great product. It keeps you warm without falling off, but what grown-ass man wants to walk around with an over-sized blanket on. If they  were that cold, they would just turn on the damn heater.

2) A 10 dollar gift car- not only did you just give some person a gift card; you gave them a 10 dollar gift card. What the hell you going to buy with 10 dollars. Now they have to spend money out they pocket because your ass be too stingy to buy the 30 dollar gift card that was sitting right next to it.

3) Tooth Brush- What is this implying by giving someone a tooth brush for Christmas? Are you trying to tell them their breath stinks and they should try to brush twice a day? But you didn’t stop with just a tooth brush you kept going by buying the dental care package that comes with a tooth paste, mouth wash, flossing. Don’t be looking for a thank you after you hand this to someone.

4)Hand knitted Sweater- There’s not too much I can say about this one, you didn’t put your heart and time into knitted someone a sweater, but who want to walk around in a itchy ass sweater. As much as this was the best present to give someone back in the 70s, the market for hand knitted sweaters as drop drastically with the popularity of Hollister, Aeropostale, and other major clothing stores. So please don’t waste your time and yarn knitting someone a sweater because I can tell you now exactly where it’s going to end up. The bottom of the closet…or in the trash can.

5) A pack of Gum- Your so-called gift trying to make me think how thoughtful you were, is not going to work because we all know you grab this at the last minute as you were standing in the check-out line reading a magazine. Some people don’t even bother to get the right kind of gum and just grab the cheapest pack of gum they see.

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~That Teenager, Paris